Christmas cheer!

We put up our Christmas tree today! We (or, I guess, Keegan) had a little bit of trouble getting our tree straight, which has a horribly crooked trunk. There was some swearing, and the tree fell once, barely missing Jaxon...but it is finally lookin' good! We listened to the Sarah McLachlan Witnersong CD, which reminds me of my Christmas with my newborn son last year. During my maternity leave I would set him in his chair and play that CD, just enjoying the good feelings of Christmas.

I took a bunch of pictures, but I cannot find the cord to put them on the computer. I will upload them as soon as I find that stupid cord.
I have noticed there are a lot of people who do not seem very cheery this time of year. I think some people just get burnt out on the whole idea of another year of buying presents and worrying about what to get and how much you are going to spend. I wonder if some people just forget how much fun it really is. I have been driving everyone at work nuts with my christmas cheer. My sister thought I was nuts when she went to drive my car and heard christmas music. Would someone please let me know the date before Christmas when it is ok to start playing the music??

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