It was such a nice day outside today! Jaxon had fun outside trying to blow bubbles.

Pictures from the last month

Here are a few pictures of our new little house...

Cutter and Jaxon sharing...

Jaxon made me a pet rock at daycare! This is the only thing we are going to miss about Jaxon going there, we get wonderful surprises like this!


Back to school!

I am so excited to get back to school this fall. I gave my notice today at work, and my last day will be around June 11th. I am going to work nights at Winchesters, and go to school a couple days a week full time.
I am also thrilled to have the remainder of the summer to play with Jax outside, and just enjoy my time with him. I really miss being at home with him during the day.
We have been really blessed this year with things going our way, so I decided this is something I need to do for me while we are still able to. Keegan got another raise this month, which will help, and he really has been wanting me to do this too.
Sheridan College will be quite a change for me. It is a small community college, but SO cheap so that will be nice.
I will post some new pictures of Jaxon soon, I have some really cute ones of him and Cutter from last week. He has been trying to say new words everyday. We went to the pediatrition last week, and he is in the 93 percentile for height, 66th for weight, and 43rd for head size (I really expected them all to be in the top percentile, haha). The pediatrician was asking about the head tilt he does, and I have never noticed it. Apparently, It can be a sign of eye problems, or muscle problems. As I sit here and type this, I notice that I am and often do tilt my head the same way he does. I guess the strangest things can be genetic!!!


Jaxon's chubby feet thank Zappos!

In my quest to find shoes wide enough for Jaxon's extremely wide (they are seriously like squares) I found Zappos! (http://www.zappos.com/). Living in the middle of nowhere I really appreciated the free shipping (and free return shipping if they did not fit). I ordered the wides and they came in the next day (for free! I was thrilled!). I was so excited, until I tried them on Jax and they did not fit. I am returning them for extra wides. Just wanted to share this great website for anyone else who can't get to a mall without a long drive! They also have really cute toddler clothes by Hurley, Quicksilver, Diesel, Matix, DC, Hatley and lots of other brands. This is my new favorite online store!


We love it when family visits!

We have been really busy with visits from family lately. It has been so much fun having everyone come and see us. Jerry, Heidi and Tess came to Buffalo and we had so much fun! We were so busy I forgot to take pictures!
The weekend before they came, my Dad and his wife Mary came to visit for my sister's graduation. I also forgot to take pictures, but luckily Mary and my Dad didn't!

Jaxon is always excited to have visitors! He would not sit still long enough to have his picture taken though!

The pictures of me and Trisha turned out really bad, so I will not be including that one!

I cut Jaxon's mullet and its keeps growing back...haha. I am starting to wonder if he has some redneck genes or something that keep his hair growing back like that....

Next time everyone is here I am going to remember to take pictures!