Jaxon's chubby feet thank Zappos!

In my quest to find shoes wide enough for Jaxon's extremely wide (they are seriously like squares) I found Zappos! (http://www.zappos.com/). Living in the middle of nowhere I really appreciated the free shipping (and free return shipping if they did not fit). I ordered the wides and they came in the next day (for free! I was thrilled!). I was so excited, until I tried them on Jax and they did not fit. I am returning them for extra wides. Just wanted to share this great website for anyone else who can't get to a mall without a long drive! They also have really cute toddler clothes by Hurley, Quicksilver, Diesel, Matix, DC, Hatley and lots of other brands. This is my new favorite online store!


Mandy said...

Mikaila has really fat feet too. I have a hard time finding shoes. So thanks for the zappos idea. I've never checked there for shoes and now I will ;)

Lauren said...

I LOOOVE Zappos! They are definitely my favorite place to shop for tennis shoes for myself, since I wear a 10.5.. and no one seems to carry that in the store, ANYWHERE! I laughed out loud when I read your post about Jax's feet.. that is too funny!!