We love it when family visits!

We have been really busy with visits from family lately. It has been so much fun having everyone come and see us. Jerry, Heidi and Tess came to Buffalo and we had so much fun! We were so busy I forgot to take pictures!
The weekend before they came, my Dad and his wife Mary came to visit for my sister's graduation. I also forgot to take pictures, but luckily Mary and my Dad didn't!

Jaxon is always excited to have visitors! He would not sit still long enough to have his picture taken though!

The pictures of me and Trisha turned out really bad, so I will not be including that one!

I cut Jaxon's mullet and its keeps growing back...haha. I am starting to wonder if he has some redneck genes or something that keep his hair growing back like that....

Next time everyone is here I am going to remember to take pictures!

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