New Daycare!

Jaxon started his new daycare this week.
It is always nerve wracking switching, but this time it has been a breeze! Jaxon just loves it, and has made me a craft already this week. (I will upload a picture of it when my computer is up and running at my new house.) He also made me a Mother's Day present. It means a lot that he gets to sit down and do fun crafts with other kids.
I am so thrilled I found the perfect place for him. She does lots of fun activities and I can tell she really loves the kids. When I come get him she tells me tons of stories about what he did that day and is really excited about it. Our nephew Cutter is going there two afternoons a week as well and is doing really good! I am so relieved.
Also, he eats better than I do when he is there...it is all healthy and well-balanced. She is also going to work with him on potty training which will be great.
I have been stressed out about the daycare situation for a long time. I hate feeling like I am not there if he needs something, or that I am a bad mom for having to work. I can say that is finally gone. He learns so much and has so much fun when he is there. I feel like he is at a really fun school. This is the first time I have felt good about leaving him with someone who wasn't family.


Mandy said...

Love the blog. Its so fun!! I cant believe Jaxon is so big and so cute!! The picture you sister drew is amazing. She is definitly talented.

Bridget Raleigh said...

Oh that is so good about the daycare. I miss you guys a ton. Paige is walking a lot and she started saying baby today. It was so cute. Jaxon is so cute on the horse. I love this blogging because I get to see all the stuff he is doing. Love you all.

Whitney said...

Hey Keegan and Niki! This is your cousin Whitney. I stumbled on your blog through Bridget's. It looks like you guys are doing well and it was good to see you at Dylan's Farewell. I love you guys! -Whitney

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