Way to go Trish!

Trisha received an Art award today! I am so lucky to have her as a sister, and not just because I get drawings of my son (and some lilies) for free!! Here are some pics from the awards today and a video of her speech.

She did this drawing of Jaxon for us!

Here is the picture she used.

Here is Trisha with all the other seniors who got an award.

She is going to kill me for putting this up here. I thought it would be nice for our family to see how great her speech was and how awesome it was she got this award.


Trisha said...

haha, i'm glad my eyes are closed in that picture. classy.

i'm also glad we have that video as proof of how awkward of a speaker i am.

oh well, at least jaxon looks good!

thanks again for coming tonight!
i love you!

Mary said...

Your speech was great !

Anonymous said...

Do I have to type Shelsea said.. or does that happen automatically?? well anyways,, what fun is this??? way fun!!!!!!!

great pics and vids.....

I love my family.... :)

oh it looks like i have to sign up for stuff...?? well here it goes....

Anonymous said...

ohhh.. well i will just be known as anonymus...... lol lol

thats easier!!!


Anonymous said...

Great Trisha and thank you Nikki for sharing it with the rest of us.