What the?

Our tree has been sitting outside, waiting for us to get a chance to put it up.  Keegan is working today, and it started to snow.  In an attempt to rescue our tree, I brought it in and put it in our kitchen.  I also tried to put it on the stand, which is probably the most frustrating thing I have tried to do in awhile (I can't get it straight by myself!). My camera is broken (that is a hint Santa!), but I took this picture with my phone.  
Last year, I felt really bad cutting down a tree and putting it in our house to let it die.  I thought about getting a fake one, but I read a couple articles about how real trees are actually better for the environment.  It creates a lot of waste to make a plastic tree, and they often have PVC or lead in them.  It also takes a lot of fuel to get them here from Asia.   In case anyone has wondered about this, it made me feel a lot better about getting a real tree.  Plus, you can't beat the smell and our cat really enjoys it (he has been sitting on that window ledge since I brought it in.)
Hope everyone is feeling the joy and spirit of Christmas! 


nicole said...

I know we have a real tree this year and I love it! Hope you guys have a great Christmas!

Mandy said...

A real tree is a must have!! Thanks for the info good to know when people make comments about me having a real tree. I'll know just what to say. Nice attempt at putting it up by yourself, it's really hard to get it straight even when someone is there helping.
Can you email me your address?

Heidi said...

I'm jealous of your real tree. Ours were fake but we had one upstairs and one downstairs. I miss Jax terribly. Do you have any Christmas pictures of him?