Ten things you probably don't know...about me!

Alright, well Bridget tagged me...I am supposed to say ten things you might not know about me! Hopefully you guys still like me after I do...haha

1. I google everything! If I don't know something, even if I am no where near my computer, it will seriously bother me until I can figure it out.

2. A lot of people think I am a really mellow person, but I am a very anxious person. I worry about stuff so much it makes me crazy! I constantly worry about stupid stuff, and it drives Keegan crazy! There are days when I get really upset about not having enough time to do stupid things around the house.

3. Ok this is a weird one, but I hate the sound of other people brushing their teeth, it makes me sick and it hurts my ears. It is fine when I do it, because it sounds different to me.

4. I love teaching. Jaxon is my new little student. I wanted to be a teacher for so long because that is what I am good at. When I was little I taught my sister everything I learned at school. I did decide, though, that I would rather be a nurse.

5. I love girly coffee drinks from Starbucks or City Brew. If I don't have one from City Brew in the morning my whole day is out of whack!

6. I want another baby, but I know I need to wait until we are a little more settled. I would hate to get stuck in Wyoming forever!

7. I am mildly paranoid. I always have to check if the door is locked, and always have weird irrational fears... I think that probably ties to number 2 on this list!

8. When I was little I always wanted my mom to have more kids, because I wanted a large immediate family (I already have a large extended family, my mom has 6 siblings and my dad has 5). It all worked out thought, I married into one!

9. I went to Europe when I was a junior in High school and I did not like Paris. I would never go back there...pretty sure everyone else thought I was nuts.

10. I want to be a surgical nurse or a nurse in the E.R. I love surgery shows, and I can't wait until I am in there!

Alright, well enough about me! I tag...WHITNEY and LAUREN (Now you will have to make a blog Lauren!)

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Mandy said...

I havent seen your blog in awhile you've been a busy girl. Looks like you had a fun vacation with family. Jax is getting HUGE and so adorable. They grow up way to fast!!