I ♥ Summer!

Here are some pictures from the last couple of weeks.

We are lucky we have a huge free pool in Buffalo. It is the largest outdoor pool in Wyoming, and it is free...I think it is in the top five for largest free pool in the country. It is a free way to have fun on the weekend!

Jaxon did not like his spiderman floaties too much! But this picture he was still trying to smile!
Trisha went with us. Jaxon really likes to jump off the sides of the pool and have us catch him.
This was last week when I babysat Cutter. These too have so much fun. I always put Jaxon's little table in the kitchen so they can sit and eat together.
Last Saturday was Keegan's work picnic. He went everywhere with Bryce holding his hand, it was cute. He was really good on the boat.
On Sunday we went on Katie and Joey's boat, it was so fun! We spent all weekend at the lake boating.
Today Keegan only had to work for a couple hours, so he went fishing! He came home with this monster.

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Bridget Raleigh said...

I really miss you guys! Jax and Cutter are so cute. I miss them both.